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We’re the fastest-growing boutique investment bank in Australia and we’re always on the lookout for talented, ambitious, and passionate people to join our dynamic team. We believe in rewarding hard work, smarts, and teamwork each year based on merit, without any seniority barriers.

At Neu Capital, you’ll find it’s a place where your skills are recognised and celebrated, your ideas are highly valued, and your potential is fully supported.

We’re all about promoting career growth, maintaining a lively company culture, ensuring work-life balance and doing impactful work.

Most importantly we stick to our values and if they align with yours, we’d love for you to apply.

Job Vacancies

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Neu Capital Graduate Program

Your career is a journey, and we’re here to help you navigate it.

Our program provides ongoing learning and development opportunities, including workshops, training programs and mentorship.

As a boutique, our graduates are given the opportunity to be involved with client engagements and work closely alongside our Managing Directors from day 1.

Our Company Values

Make it happen

Our priority is achieving the right outcome for our clients. We focus on the end goal, rise to challenges, and are proactive and disciplined in our work.

Embrace Complexity

We are always curious and seek to understand the full picture. We have a thirst for detail, ensuring we find the information needed to deliver quality outcomes. We are thorough and rigorous.

Hive Mind

We achieve the best outcomes when we work together. We prioritise the wider team’s success before our own, sharing knowledge and learnings openly.

Do Better

We always look for ways to do better both individually, in our work, and as a business. We seek out opportunities to grow and improve the way we do things.

Bold and Fair

We act with professionalism, integrity and discretion. We speak candidly, always telling things as they are. We look after each other, our clients and the wider community.