James Baker


Hi, I’m James, an Analyst who recently joined the Neu Capital team in August 2023. Even though as I child I wanted to be a professional soccer player, I’m more than happy with my role at Neu Cap. The complexity of the job means that I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I could, even in my short tenure.

As mentioned above, I’ve been a huge sports fan since I was a little kid, starting out playing cricket and soccer and I have slowly ventured into golf, tennis, basketball, swimming and running. I feel that my sporting background is what taught me that hard work does pay off, which is a lesson that has transferred into my study and work life, something I will continue to embody. A new goal I’ve had, starting in 2022, has been to complete something challenging that takes consistent daily work once a year, every year. This started with the CFA Level 1 last year, and this year I completed a marathon. I’m keen on doing the Coast to Coast in NZ in 2024.

Outside work, I enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking. I’ve travelled around NSW in my ute with my partner, discovering some hidden gems. Some highlights have been Charlotte’s Pass, the Northern Rivers, Woody’s Head and the Never Never River.

At Neu Cap, our flat structure and collaborative team means you can experience a range of transactions whilst gaining exposure to a variety of industries and complex situations, with the help of others. Our Thursday sports sessions are a bonus!

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