On Friday 18th of August, some of the Neu Capital Team attended the OzHarvest warehouse for a fabulous Cooking for a Cause cooking session.

Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, OzHarvest transforms rescued ingredients into gourmet and nutritious meals and then distributes these to OzHarvest’s charity agencies to feed people in need.

On the menu was gnocchi and crispy potato skins. This delicious meal followed OzHarvest’s zero waste philosophy where perfectly good food that would otherwise go to landfill is not wasted. 

From learning how to chop an onion properly to chopping up a garlic clove with a knife, the team gained knowledge into zero waste cooking skills and some brilliant tips and tricks they can use at home. 

At the end of the session was the best part, tasting the meal!

Bon appetit! Thank you to James, our chef for the session and the rest of the OzHarvest team for an inspiring and educational afternoon. 

Cooking for a cause 

Collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities supporting people in need across the country, OzHarvest started in 2004 and has already delivered 220 million meals to people in need as well as saving 62.5 million kilos of food from landfill. 

Food rescue and food relief continues to be at the heart of OzHarvest’s efforts to ‘Nourish Our Country’. By Cooking For A Cause, we’re part of the solution to fight food waste and respond to the challenge of feeding people and curbing hunger in Australia.