Peter Silfvander


Hej, I’m Peter, the resident Scandinavian at Neu Capital. As that title might suggest, I originally hail from Copenhagen, where I spent 10 years of my life throughout primary and high school. Despite the benefits of trendy design/fashion and a great social welfare model, I traded the Viking life for sunshine, beautiful nature, and career opportunities.

I joined Neu Capital in 2021 and enjoy working in our collaborative environment across a range of transactions, gaining exposure to a variety of companies and industries with different capabilities. The flat hierarchy of Neu Capital provides great opportunity to choose areas you wish to work on and influence the direction of the transaction as well as the overall business.

Outside of work, I am passionate about entrepreneurialism and design thinking, often brainstorming simple solutions to complex problems. Being able to compare across Australia and Denmark helps with contemplating why things are done the way they are, questioning whether the status quo is the best option. Past (unrealised) projects have included creating a fractional, liquid market for luxury assets (before Koia, Konvi, etc.), importing various hospitality concepts between Denmark and Australia and a platform for helping the EV transition (watch this space). Other interests include horology, blockchain technology and the automotive space.

On the weekends, I enjoy exploring Australia’s bush, beaches, and bars. In that order.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Mossy Point, NSW, Australia
Nungwi, Tanzania