Sean Mishra

Senior Analyst

Hi, I’m Sean and I moved to Sydney at the start of 2023 to join the Neu Capital team. Growing up in Brisbane, the transition was not drastic by any means but can definitely confirm there is a lot more going down here which is exactly what I was looking for.

There are two key aspects I have really enjoyed about Neu Capital which is the complexity of the work we do as well as the culture. On the first point, the team is highly experienced (especially the MDs) in structuring complex transactions and because of this, it creates an incredible learning experience and pushes everyone to work together to try and find a solution. 

In my spare time, I’ll unwind by playing tennis which is a sport I grew up playing, follow what is going on in Formula 1 and just generally going out and hanging out with mates.

Being part of the Neu Capital team has been a very rewarding experience and I look forward to the exciting journey ahead!