Vuk Trazivuk


Hi, I’m Vuk, and I’m an Associate here at Neu Capital. My journey has been quite the mix, starting with a childhood love for sports and tech, which eventually led me into the fascinating world of Investment Banking. The basketball lessons taught me about teamwork, competition, and striving for excellence which has been key in, forming the core of my work ethic.

But what I truly love about Neu Capital is the constant innovation and opportunity. We’re all about taking the lead and exploring uncharted territories, making it a dynamic and rewarding environment.

Beyond the finance world, I have a deep interest in global history and culture. With a goal to visit all corners of the world. When it comes time to relax, movies are always the answer. Classic Hollywood or modern, I’m always up for a great film.

These diverse interests have taught me how to connect the seemingly unconnected dots and instil the lessons into the world of finance.

Travel Diary